The main objective is to help. It can be done
through various methods, a few described here.


Teaching is based on prior knowledge. 
The teacher will ask directive questions. 
The student will search for specifc answers and the teacher will provide counter questions to help the student uncover the knowledge needed to answer. 
Teaching is on the subject matter and often on a smaller area than the whole area being taught. 


The mentor will answer direct questions and expect the mentee to answer thruthfully and openly. 
Mentoring is based on passed experience.
Mentoring often has the form of a structured conversation(s).
The mentor will guide to sources of information to support the growth of the mentee. 


The coach asks open questions.
The goal is to help the coachee to self discovery/realisation. 
The mentor works on finding false beliefs and false thoughts in the coachee. 
Coaching is focused on the future of the client.